Vulcan Champagne Vigilant at Kadesh
Breed: Standard Poodle
Color: silver
Sex: M  
0 Gen IC: 0.00000%
Bred by:

Anne C. Coppage, Vulcan Champagne Poodles, England


Owned by:

Julian and Sandra Blake, Kadesh Poodles, Brazil    



Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Vanitonia Vice Versa, IC= 0.00000   Kertellas Exiting Action at Tazmitch ?|, 05/12/1991, blue., KCSB1828CD, IC= 0.00000   Eng.Ch. Somanic Shangrilah, 06/05/1987, KCSB3098BX   CH Montravia High Society,Maltese Ch., 02/05/1986, wh., L2/86   Eng.Ch. Montravia Don Carlos,  
Tiopepi Ice Maiden at Montravia, 01/10/1983  
Roushkas Amazing Grace (1), 29/07/1984, blue., K2/84   Eng.Ch. Janavons Midnight Blue, 22/02/1975  
Bet Your Sweet Roushka (1), 16/02/1982  
Heard the Rumor at Kossab SAcarrier, KCSB1789BX   Eng.Ch. Roushkas Pacific |?, blk., KCSB3232BJ   Eng.Ch. Malibu Beach Boy at Sarcell,  
Vicmars Look at me De Silva, 09/08/1970  
CH Kossab Miss Magnificent at Kasado |?, blk.,   Eng.Ch. Midshipman at Kertellas Supernova,  
Kelrarmo Pink Strikes Again of Kossab, 27/10/1976  
Vanitonia Just Because, IC= 0.00000   Eng.Ch. Shalanka Political Storm over Vanitonia, 12/02/1995, wh.,   Pinafore Politican Shalanka ||?, 21/07/1993, wh., PP392886/06   Am.Ch. PINAFORE PROSPECTER,  
Am.Ch. Pinafore Surprise Package, 12/01/1991  
Shalanka Making Merry ?|,   Am&GB.Ch. Dassin Donahue at Shalanka SAcarrier,  
Eng.Ch. Vicmars Merry Hell at Shalanka |?,  
Vanitonia Not Only But Also,   Int.Nord.GBCh Racketeer Exquisit Sinner At Vanitonia.||? (2), 24/10/1988, blk., S16251/89*   S.Ch. Twin Tops I Am What I Am (3), 05/06/1987  
Racketeer It`s Love Again,  
Maefare Haysi Gaysi it's Vanitonia,   Eng.Ch. Montravia Don Carlos,  
Vanitonia Haysi Dee Zee,  
Vulcan Champagne First Lady, GB, IC= 0.00000   Pinafore Politican Shalanka ||?, 21/07/1993, wh., PP392886/06, IC= 0.00000   Am.Ch. PINAFORE PROSPECTER, wh.OFA82E, PC044517 2-89   Am.Ch. Pinafore Private Eye, wh.OFA24G, PB856386 1-87   CH CHORUS LINE MAGNUM P. I. TP, 09/03/1981  
Am.Ch. PINAFORE PARADE, 17/06/1979  
Pinafore Predicament, wh.OFA45E, PB724274 8-87   Am.Ch. PINAFORE PRESIDENT, 18/08/1981  
Am.Ch. PINAFORE PARADE, 17/06/1979  
Am.Ch. Pinafore Surprise Package, 12/01/1991, si., PP283875/03   Am.Ch. SIGNATURE ON FILE AT PINAFORE, si. OFA,SA,VW., PC240855*   Am.Ch. SIGNATURE FOR YOUR EYES ONLY,  
Pinafore Say Pretty Please, wh., PC157576*   Pinafore Rodney Gets Respect,  
Pinafore Peppermint Patty,  
Vulcan Velvet Lady, si., KCS3911506S03, IC= 0.00000   Heros Express to Roushka, si., KCSB5609BZ   Roushkas Orient Express (1),   Roushkas Locomotion,  
Roushkas Amazing Grace (1), 29/07/1984  
Bet Your Sweet Roushka (1), 16/02/1982, G10/82   Eng.Ch. Lindsayville Son of Hayes, 03/11/1976  
Roushkas Arabella, 27/06/1976  
Vulcan Champagne Denim Lady, si., KCQ3525801Q03   Janavons Denim, blue.,   Eng.Ch. Janavons Midnight Blue, 22/02/1975  
Janavons Rainbows Wish,  
Lady Jane Grey from Vulcan with Polede, si.,   Chicos Quick Silver at Vulcan,  
Vulcan Silver Sheen,  

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