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Prcd-B poodles

If you have a optigen prcd-PRA-B tested poodle and want to join,it is free, please mail me:
I need the poodles name, colour,size,sex, year born, the parent's name and the owners mail or phone.
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Following 135 poodles are prcd PRA-tested, result B (carrier)
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Accedos Golden Glamour, S10317/2003, Apricot toy Poodle female, Born: 08.12.2002,
Owner: Caroline Bergelt, Stockholm, SWEDEN.
Result: (B)
sire: Sporrens Orange Non-Stop
dam: Schnauzertorpets Ötti M

Alyndee Belongs to the Starz,Am.Ch. Black miniature female, Born: July 24, 1997
Breeder Alyndee kennel, Owner Cheryl Wyatt, USA.
Result: (B)

Amberiffic Apache Mischief, Apricot toy male, born ?

owner: Jackie Webb, UK

Result: (B) 2006,

Sire: Ch Langstath Love in Return to Amberiffic (B)

Dam: Waterspride Indian Dream at Amberiffic (A)

Amberiffic Night Music, Black toy male, Born: 3rd April 2002
Owner: Jackie Webb, UK
Result: (B)
sire :Clopton Night at the Ballet
dam: Amberiffic Rebecca (B)

Amberiffic Rebecca, Black toy female, Born: 23rd October,1999
Owner: Jackie Webb, UK.
Result: (B)
sire: Ch Langstrath Love in Return to Amberiffic
dam: Jilando Melisande at Amberiffic

A'monibe's My Wintergirl S14037/2003, White dwarf female, Born: December 30, 2002
Owner: Monica Olsson, Sweden
Result: (B) 04-1735
sire: A'Monibe's Snowstorm
dam: A'Monibe's Millenium Silver Star

A'monibe's Snowstar S24183/2001, White dwarf female, Born: March 28, 2001
Owner: Monica Olsson, Sweden
Result: (B) 04-1825
sire: Nord.Ch. Tunstall Bing Crosby
dam: Eugenios Snow White prcd-A

Airy Arabeska Emerald For Executive RKF1328616, White Dwarf male, Born: October 13, 2002
Owners: Jatta Lehikoinen & Minna Kari, Finland
Result: (B)
sire: Sporrens Blast-Off, RKF1071374
dam: Zimniaya Skazka Flavia, RKF1071164

Ankaru's Zim Zala Bim, N03173/05, Apricot toy Poodle female, Born: 22 Jan 2005,
Owner: A. K. Helleberg/ A.K. Bergerud, Norway
Result: (B)
sire: N.Ch. Pandorans X-Cite to Ankaru
dam: N.Ch. Pandorans Designet Choise O'Ankaru, prcd-A, by parents

April Fool's Qumma Gimma,s36804/2003, silver dwarf female, born July 01, 2002
Owner: Annette Sandberg, Sweden
Result: (B) #: 04-2066
Sire: Ch. Atraction Menuetas
Dam: Ch. April Fools Iiny Miiny

Asterix Von Ziethnereck, black, miniature, male, born 12/10/1998
Owner: Karin Benker,
Result: (B)
sire: Fratz Lord von Hefrajaro
dam: Inka von Ziethnereck

Bambola of the white Nummber one, white miniature female, born Nov 19. 2002
Owner: T.Rieder Germany
Test Result: prcd PRA : B carrier
Sire: Moutari white Count of the century
Dam: Little Wizards Dark Lady leslie

Baroque of Midnight, Am.Ch. PP532615/1, Black miniature male, Born: 05.09.1997,
Owner: Sharon Isgro,USA
Result: (B)
sire: Ch Outrageous of Midnight
dam: Ch Baroque Diaunna

Bayerische-Sommerbären Najma, black toy female, born 21.o1.2007 owner: Anita Schwaller, Germany Result: (B) Nr. o7/2566


Bayerische-Sommerbären Paulaner blk. black toy male, born 1o.1o.2007

owner: Anita Schwaller, Germany

Result: (B) Carrier



Bel Bizhu Zhigalo, White dwarf male, born 17.1.2003
Owner: Minna Kari, Finland
Result: (B)
sire: Marlon of Twist Castle, RKF0007059
dam: Ocharovanie Rikki Tikki Tak, RKF0020200

Bia-Litt's That's The Stuff S40102/2002 S, black dwarfmale, born ?
owner:M.Hermansson, C.Toth & E.Öhman, Sweden
Result: (B)
sire: NORDV-99 NUCH SUCH Solnes River Dance N02095/99
dam: Bia-Litt's Nurse Diesel S25468/99

Bielcee Top Tottie, Black miniature female. Born: 25th Nov 2001.
owner: Karen Walsh, UK
Result: (B)
Sire: Ch Idadoun Black N'Notorious
Dam:Bielcee Oh Donna at Garbosa

Bobrow´s Sweet Angel, S52660/2002., black dwarf female, born August 23, 2002
owner: Annika Gustavsson, Sweden.
Result: (B) #: 04-532
Sire: S.Ch. Kudos Another Level
Dam: Miss Moneypenny

Born to be Wild le Papillon, blk.dw.female, born 20 May 2004,

owner: N.J.M.E. te Boekhorst-Henrix, Netherlands
Result: 06-7503, Carrier
Sire: Solnes Crazy Thing Called Love
Dam: Genoveva Le Papillon

Canmoy's Sir Sarahill, Int&Fin&Dk&S Ch. FIN24800/97, Black dwarf male, Born: 14.3.1997,
Owner: Saara Kumpulainen, Finland
Result: (B) 2.5.2002
sire: De Lorch's The Turningpointatgrayco KCSB17938BZ
dam: Canmoy's Chic At Tirkane FIN23708/95 prcd-A

Cantermar Naughty Natalie, Black miniature female, Born: Jan. 9, 1993
Breeder Mark Canter, Owner Cheryl Wyatt. USA
Result: (B)

Casa Strega's Cafe Royale PP66496501, ?.miniature, born December 06, 2001
Owner: Joy Cenicola
Result: (B) 04-2235
Sire: Callimont’s Great Protencial
Dam: Drumlins Bella Luna

Casa Strega's Pretty Woman PP38867301, ?. miniature female, born September 09, 1993
Owner: Joy Cenicola
Result : (B) 04-2234
Sire: All Point’s Audacious One
Dam: Casa Strega’s Destiny

Charlotte le jolie Caniche, black dwarf female, born 20 Oct 2002
Owner: Anita Schwaller, Germany
Result: (B) ( 04-340)
sire: ?
dam: ?

Chezjolie Beach Party. Brown toy female. dob; 01/06/99
owner: Mrs. Joan Nutt, Autralia
Result: (B)
sire; Aust,Int,Nwy,Swd Champ.Sharbelle Full Of Farday(imp Nwy)
dam; Aust. Ch.Chezjolie Color Me Brown.

Claydon's Wynd Chyme,Am. & Can. Ch. black, female, born 2001.
owner: Pamela & Antoinette Woods, USA
Result: (B)
Sire: Ch. DKL Jamie O'Cridecaine
Dam: Can. Ch. Claydon's Whispering Wynd (Optigen tested A)

Crecendo's King Of The Road, Ch. DKK 01945/99, white miniature male, Born: Jan. 21, 1999
Owner: Jytte Pfänner, Denmark
Result: (B) 03-3925
sire: Ch. Rindara Lethal Weapon
dam: Multi.Ch. Crecendo's White Diamond

Crusea's Kick Off s59919/2005, silver dwarf male, Born 28 August 2005
owner: Annette Sandberg
Result: Carrier
sire: Sejcon Grey Flash, prcd-A
dam: April Fool's Qumma Gimma, prcd-B

Crusea's Knight Magic S59921/2005 silver dwarf male, Born 28 August 2005
owner: Annette Sandberg
Result: Carrier
sire: Sejcon Grey Flash, prcd-A
dam: April Fool's Qumma Gimma, prcd-B

CynPam's Asset Manager,Am.Ch. black miniature male, Born: 13 May 2001
Owner: Antoinette & Pamela Woods
Result: (B)
Sire: Ch. DKL Jamie O'Cridecaine
Dam: CynPam's Hidden Assets (Optigen tested A)

CynPam's Fill in the Blank, black miniature female, Born: 29 October 1998
Result: (B)
Owner: Pamela & Cynthia Woods
Sire: Ch. Michou's Blackhawke
Dam: Ch. CynPam's Pick a Pose

Designer Kamann's Bud Lite, Am.Ch. White miniature male, Born: 21.11.2000
Owner: Sue Julig, Minnesota, USA
Result: (B), (02-780)
sire: Am Ch Nobles Arthur Rose-
dam: Am Ch Designer's Potpourri, prcd-A

Djakartas Run For Fun S26680/2004, Black toy male, born 18 Febr 2004
Result: (B)
Owner: Maria Brinnen, Sweden
Sire: USCH Excell Expresso (B)
Dam: Nord.uch Solnes Sun Dance

Diza Fleich Zarina Dagmar of Russia, DKK-01108/2004, si.dw.female, born 05.09.2003
Result: (B), (04-4697)
Owner: Kennel BALI-HAI, Denmark
Sire:CH INT, RUS, BLR, FIN, LAT, EST, WW, CW Diza Fleich Vincent (RKF 1016467)
Dam:Cholli Diza Fleich Serebryanaya Mechta (RKF 1322292)

DKL Jamie O'Cridecaine, Am.Ch. Black miniature male, Born 27.of April 1998
Bred by Dale K. Lenington and Debra Innes
Result: (B)
Owned by Antoinette and Pamela Woods
sire: Ch. Stonewood Romanoff
dam: Ch. DKL Rosamund O'Cridecaine

Dorian Gray's Virtuose, Am. Ch. Silver Miniature, born 17. of March 2000
Owner: Mildred Bartlett and Susan L Jones
Result: (B)
Sire: Multi.Ch. Dorian Gray's Josh, prcd-A
Dam: Ch. Freelands Filigris

Draco Braison Only for You, black, Toy, male, born 2003,
Angelika Jansen, Germany
Result: (B)
sire: Ch Charade Stingray,
dam: Charade Havana

Dream Pickets Go Get It,Am U-GRCH brown, min. female, born 15. Apr. 2003
Owner: Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail A. Bjorge
Result: (B)
Sire: Am.Ch. Parade Tell All PP66554702
Dam: Am.Can.Int.Ch. Tanzen Muffin's Dream TP PP54610901, prcd-A

Ebonyhill's Emiliano, FIN20611/02, Black. toy male, born 2002
Owners: Tuija Kallio and Virve Tajakka, Finland
Result (B)
Sire: Ebonyhill's Charlie McGuide (A)
Dam: Toyway New Dimension (B)

Essex Timothy Royal Style, Multi Ch. silver toy male, Born 9.March 1998
Owner: Alla Forunina
Result (B)
Sire: Am.Ch. Tondra Billy the Kid Genes
Dam: Am.Ch. Essex Elegance

Evanz a Tuck in Time black - 10" - male Born Dec 29, 2001
Owner: Marilyn P. Pauley
Result (B)
Sire. Am Ch. Evanz Estatic
Dam: Evanz Elissa

Dessert Toronado of Mirror Home, MEX Ch. Brown - 11" Male Born 9-29-99
Owner: Marilyn P. Pauley
Result (B)
Sire: James Brown Toy of Mirror Home
dam: Dessert Zizi toy of Mirror Home

Executive in Charge, FIN28030/01, Black dwarf male, born 2001
Owner: Pia Sandberg
Result: (B)
Sire: Grayco the Italian Job,FIN18801/00
Dam: Toyway Fun for Executive, FIN28367/99 ,prcd-A

Executive Satin Doll FIN13745/04 White dwarf female, born 20.12.2003
Owner: Minna Kari, Finland
Result (B) #: 04-1804
sire: Moja Otrada Nils Airi Arabeska FIN43698/02
dam: Firette's Jump For Joy FIN24309/96 (A)

Excell Expresso Am.Ch. Brown toy male, born 97
Owner Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Result: (B)
Sire: ch Excell Excitement
Dam: Excel's Tootsie Pop

Flairbeck Argosy Alchemist, PR 01763601 Toy Poodle, born January 27, 2002
Owners: Lisa A Croft-Elliott & Hilayne E Cavanaugh, USA
Result: (B)
Sire: Tuttlebees Dawn Patrol at Lynjel
Dam: Flairbeck It's a Witch

Freeland's Fairbanks S22494/2002, silver miniature poodle, born April 14, 2001
Owner: Lina Lindström, Sweden
Result: (B) 04-1881
Sire: Ch.Tulip Garden Silver Willie
Dam: Freeland Faniola

Froggies American Rose FIN31372/01, Black dwarf female, born 21.6.2001
Owner: Päivi Salonen-Tuoriniemi, Finland
Result: (B)
Sire: Magicstar Canmoy Puymeras (A)
Dam: Froggies Never say Never

Gaybeaus Gone to H'evanz PP 579 498/03, Silver 12" female, born 12-27-98
Owner Marilyn Pauley, USA
Result: (B)
sire: Ch. Gaybeaus First Class SMF
dam: Evanz Social Climber

Grayco Dreams Come True, CGC, Am.Can.Int.Ch. PP56490501, blk.toy.female, born 10. March 1993
Owner: Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail Bjorge
Result (B)
sire: Eng/Irish Ch. Grayco Classdestinction 262924101
dam: Eng.Ch. Grayco Hawaiclass 262924201

Gåsagårdens Dagmar Dam, S14516/98 brown dwarf female, born December 31, 1997
Owner: Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Result (B) 04-3333
sire: S.Ch. Trollvikens Brown Junior
dam: Gåsagårdens Nina Nanking

Gåsagårdens Dora Dorking S49616/2001, white, dwarf female, born August 02, 2001
Owner: Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Result: (B) 04-1847
Sire: Gåsagårdens Sune Sebright
Dam: Gåsagårdens Gunhild Gumpe

Haggai Sleep to Dream, Nord.Dk.Ch. Berlin Winner 2002. Black toy male, Born Jan. 09, 2000
Owners: Tone B Fisher & Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Result: 01-1475 (B)
Sire: Aust. Ch. Zazzin Livenow Paylater
Dam: Ninette Classic Princess

Haydee's Nonpareil,FIN36497/02, Brown dwarf female, Born April 14, 2002
Owner: Saila Vaittinen, Finland
Result: (B)
Sire: Haydee's Mistoffelees FIN33620/01
Dam: Haydee's Sound Ofsilence FIN43492/95

Haydee´s Original, FIN36500/02, black min female, born April 18, 2002,
Owner: Ritva Tuomainen, Finland
Result: (B)
Sire: Canmoy´s Obsession
Dam:Toyway Happy Heart prcd-B

Idadoun Black N' Unique at Bielcee, colour? min female, born: 6th June 2000.
owner: Karen Walsh, UK
Result: (B)
sire: Harbovi's Kwik Step to Sundust(imp)
dam: Rabbalan Black N'Fantastic at Idadoun.

Indian Gypsy v. Kleinnulland, black toy ?, born 19 Febr 2002
Owner: Anita Schwaller, Germany
Result (B) ( 04-399 )
sire: ?
dam: ?

Jasenak Canmoy's Formula (imp. Servie & Montrenegro) Dwarf, male, black, born: 05/12/2004
Owner: N. te Boekhorst-Henrix, Netherlands
Result: (B)
Sire: CH. Canmoy's Dreamteam
Dam: CH. Canmoy's Chic Quiz

Jencro Starstruck in Silver. Silver Miniature Female, born 2001
Breeder: Jenny Croft, UK
Result: (B)
Sire: Sukeen New Direction With Arbaybee
Dam: Jencro Silver Starlight

Jutana Gvendolen for lovely children ÖHZB:PU10005, brn.toy.female, born 05.Sept 2006 (09-6608) carrier, Carmen Köhler, Austria

Sire: Kudos Fantomen
Dam: of loveley children Sweet Georgina Brown (A)

Kandyland's Kream of the Krop, Ch. PR08228001. crm toy female, born May 21. 2006

Owner: Jin & Kelly Wagoner, USA

Result (B) 08-8377

sire: CH. C-LYN'S MAD ABOUT YOU PP53379501 Optigen B. White

dam: KANDYLAND'S BIT O' HONEY PR042771/01 Optigen A#05-8137. Cream

Kertellas Tiger In The City,S.Ch. S24429/96, brown miniature male, born November 05, 1995
Owner: Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Result (B) 04-633
sire: Westavia Brazilian Blend
dam: CH Kertellas City Limits

Karaliaus Mylimasis Josephine, silver toy female, born 31. May 2004
Owner: Alla Forunina, Lithuania
Result: (B)
sire: Multi Ch. Essex Timothy Royal Style, prcd-B
dam: Ltu JCh, Ltu, Blr, Rus Ch Vysokaya Moda iz Zimnih Grez prcd-A

Kiyara Kiss In The Night, Am.Ch. PP384119/01, Black miniature male, born 02.07.1993,
Owner: Caren Cutler, USA
Result: (B)
sire: Am.Ch. Parade Kiss and Tell
dam: Am.Ch. Kiyara Girls' Night Out, prcd-A

Langstrath Love in Return to Amberiffic,Ch. White toy male, born: 1st October 1996
Owner: Jackie Webb, UK.
Result: (B)
sire: Ch Valetta Endlass Love
dam: Ch Conersk Return Ticket to Langstrath

Lilleba's Guardian Silverangel, Dt.VDH.Ch. N05596/98, Silver dwarf female, Born: 17.03.1998,
Owner: Bjørg B. Meland, Norway
Result: 01-824 (B) 07.09. 2001
sire: S.Ch. Kudos Bodyguard S19362/93
dam: Lilleba's Line Eriksdatter N246668/94

Lovel`y Children`s Key to succes von Ziethnereck, brn.toy.male, born May 29-03 (05-5813)
Carmen Köhler, Germany
Vater: Ferda Zamek
Mutter: Wild Angelface von Ziethnereck

Maestoso's Agatha Christie, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born: April 23 1995
Owner: Mildred Bartlett, USA
Result: (B)
sire: Ch. Lochranza Good News, prcd-B
dam: Ch. Maestoso's Renegade Indian prcd-A

Moja Otrada Rusalochka FIN46555/02white dwarf female,born April 17, 2002
Owner: Minna Kari & Leena Kontkanen, Finland
Result: (B)
Sire: Ch. Sporrens Blast-Off RKF1071374
Dam: Ch. Moja Otrada Kristobal RKF0016851

Of loveley children Antonio Banderas,brn.dw.male, born Aug 26-03 (05-192)
Carmen Köhler, Germany
Genotyp B
Vater: Tabledancer von Ziethnereck (Pra-A)
Mutter: Oh Baby Doll vom Rodauer Forst

Of loveley children Chocolat Liquiere, brn.dw.female, born Apr 13-01 (05-193)
Carmen Köhler, Germany
Genotyp B
Vater: Tabledancer von Ziethnereck (Pra-A)
Mutter: Oh Baby Doll vom Rodauer Forst

Of loveley children Le Monchichi,brn.dw.female, born Apr 13-01 (05-194)
Carmen Köhler, Germany
Vater: Tabledancer von Ziethnereck (Pra-A)
Mutter: Oh Baby Doll vom Rodauer Forst

of loveley children little Advokat VDH/ADP 0832813, brn..toy.male, born 27.Sept 2008 (09-6602) carrier, Carmen Köhler, Austria

Sire: Kudos Fantomen
Dam:Jutana Zaritsa Duschi (A-by parents)

of loveley children Summernight Savannah ÖHZB:PU/10062, blk.toy.female, born 12.March 2008 (09-6610) carrier, Cornelia Weber/ Carmen Köhler, Austria

Sire: Kudos Fantomen
Dam: Winterdreams Russian Europe (A)

Pandorans Champagne Crystal S18833/2003 apricot toy female, born 2003-01-24
Owner: Jane Persson Litzell and Gun-Mari Blom, Sweden
Result: (B)
sire: Solnes Hip Hop Dancer
dam: Thomsten's Little Orange Rhapsody

Pandorans Cosmopolitan S25893/2004,black toy male, born 2004-02-15
Owner: Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Result: (B)
sire: Excell Expresso (B)
dam: Pandorans Exquisite

Pandorans X-Cite to Ankaru S38787/2003, black dwarf male, born April 28, 2003
Owner: Anne Karin Helleberg, Norway
Result: Genotype of your dog is Carrier. (05-7098)
Sire: Excell Expresso (B)
Dam: Kudos No Regrets

Pickets Serendipity Destiny, Blue toy female, born: 24.09.2001
Bred by Gail A. Bjorge and co-owned with Eva Marie Mitchell, USA
Result: 02-788 (B)
sire: Zamora's Country Rock, prcd-B
dam: Bjorges Shadow Of Lemke

Poo Dell Returns To Zorcon Black Toy male born 6-10-02
breeder: J. Zablocky owner: Melinda Pedery USA
Result: (B)
sire: Ch.Excell Excitement
dam: Excell Sable Style

Polosas Deena Commedia s10318/2003, black miniature female, born ?
Owner: Åsa Johansson, Sweden
Result: (B)
sire: Torpaz Honky Tonk Man s56401/96
dam: Black Basic Dazzling Denise s36312/2000, prcd-A

Pop-Up´s Irish Coffee,S38783/2003, brown toy female, born May 11, 2003
Owner: Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Result: (B) 04-635
sire: USCH Excell Expresso Optigen B
dam: SUCH Pop-Up´s Tiger-Rag Optigen A

Robruden Golden Playboy, Ch. Apricot toy male, born 31/12/1994
Owner: B & D Foster, Australia
Result: (B) Tested 5/01/04
sire: Ch. Brumina Magna Carter
dam: Brumina Lady Beatrice

Robruden Classic Gold, Ch. Apricot toy male, born 14/11/1996
Owner: B & D Foster, Australia
Result: (B) Tested 12/09/03
Sire: Ch. Brumina Copper Dollar
Dam: Ch. Robruden Kiwi Lass

Rob's Boogie King (imp. Romana) Dwarf, male, black, born: 29/07/2004
Owner: N. te Boekhorst-Henrix, Netherlands
Result: (B)
Sire: CH. Slavjan Feuerwerk Belyh Noche
Dam: CH. Kryste's Unforgettable dream

Rochambeau Ballroom Blitz, PP46122401, min.female, born 20.09.1995
owner: Sharon Isgro (Rochambeau), USA
Result: 02-1618 (B)
sire: CH Marney Halcyon Mandate PC189619
dam: Loubelle's Dream Weaver PC232711

Romar dark By Design, AB00883102, toy.female, born 15.Jan. 2001
owner: Michelle du Plessis, Ireland
Result: (B) Optigen Accession #: 05-4233
sire: Atastar Mi Chio Latino
dam: Dupencose Black Crystal

Rosebell's Expensive, White miniature female, born ?
Bred by Elaine/Heidi Bellamy,USA
Result: (B)
sire: Birchcourt's Brag About Foster
dam: Ch. Rosebell's Inside Story.

Rusch Mix Ringblomma,S20520/2002 apricot toy female born 6/2 2002
Owner: Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Result: (B)
sire: Alfred-Gratien S37126/2000
dam: Rusch Min Vira S48544/98

Sainen Miserly Maiden, FIN32066/97, brown dwarf female, born Jun 18. 1997
owner: Taru Heinänen, Finland
Result: (B)
sire: Toyway Eyecatcher,
dam: Haydee's Luxury

Ch Saisonelle Master Class, S16771/2004, black miniature male, born 27.Sept-2001
owners: Anders Rosell, Stephen Wheeler & Solveig Pyykkö, Sweden
Result: (B)
Sire: Saisonelle Do Ya Dig Me
Dam: Saisonne What A Legend, prcd-A.

Sarahill Dreamed A Dream FIN30282/02, black toy female, born: 22.3.2002
owner: Kumpulainen Saara, Finland
Result: (B)
sire: Haggai Sleep To Dream ANKC3100061756 (B)
dam: Sarahill Laura Paucini FIN18039/97 (A)

Sarahill Just A Dream, Fin,Est,Dk Ch, kbhv winner 04,est winner 04 FIN32688/02,
brown dwarf male, born 1.4.2002
owner: Heini Tuomi, Finland
Result: (B)
sire: Haggai Sleep to Dream (B)
dam: Canmoys Oh La La (A)

Schnauzertorpets Ötti M S49230/2000, apricot dwarf female, born: July 26, 2000
owner: Vappu Eskelinen, Sweden
Result: (B) 04-1323
sire: Ilzeta's Matti
dam: Schnauzertorpets Oanna C

Sharwood Midnite Cowboy, black toy male, born 5/25/99,
owner: Sharon Burke, USA,
Result: (B) (06-451)
sire: CH. Baywind's Irish Shamrock
dam: Golden's Rosetta Red Rose

Sherrygold It’s Midnight at Amberiffic Black toy female, born ?

owner: Jackie Webb, UK

Result: (B) 2004

Sire: Ch. Tuttlebees Ow’s That (A)

Dam: Sherrygold She’s the One (B)

Signature-Brown D´Apollon´s Land, DKK20075/2001,brn. dwarf male, born 080401

Owner: Mitza Eshington, Denmark

Result (B) ( 04-4690)

sire: Livio de L´Altesse De Wiouk

dam: Marine de L´Altesse De Wiouk

Siimline's Just About Perfect Charm, silver dwarf female, b. 12aug 2004
owner: Ann-Katrin Johansson
Result: (B)
sire: CH Bibilott Loyd
dam: CH Scarlet Luck Sidabrine Kulka

Silver Dance Toy of Mirror Home, AC0901405, si.toy.female, born Jun 28-2000(07-159)

Owner: Michelle du Plessis, Ireland

Result: (B) carrier

sire: Sterling Silver Toy of Mirror Home

dam: Sharbelle Fancy Nancy

Slavjanka Appolonia, black toy female, born 21 July 2004
Owner: Anita Schwaller, Germany
Result (B) ( 06-197 )
sire: ?
dam: ?

Solnes Summer Storm 02473/01, blk.dw.male, born 25.July 2000 (09-6609) carrier, Carmen Köhler & Sabrina Niedermair, Austria

sire: Magicstar O'Solnes Puymeras
dam: NCH Solnes I'm just like a Summerbreeze

Staedline's Speedy Gonzales. black dwarf male, born Jan 25, 2002
owner: June Lundberg
Result: (B)
Sire: DKUCH SUCH NV-00 KBHV-00 Magicstar Orly Puymeras
Dam: SUCH Staedline's Donna Karen

Staedline's Trick Or Treat S55714/2002 black dwarf female, born Svart, Dvärg, tik Född 250902
Owner: Lena Staedler, Sweden
Result: (B)
Sire: Dk.S.Ch. Lyca Trick Question
Dam: SUCH NUCH Staedlines Tina Turner (A)

Solnes La Luna 21882/04, black toy female, born 16/08-2003 (04-4645)
owner: Solveig Næss, Denmark
Result: (B)
Sire: Int.Nord.Ch. SolnesRain Dance, prcd-A
Dam: Solnes Sparkling Mozelle

Songbird Savannah, White min female, born 1994,
breeder/owner Nancy Palauskas, USA
Result: (B)
sire: Ch Ashlyn Songbird Rockin Robin
dam: Vetset Melange O Lil Liza

Songbird Speechless, Am.Ch. Blue miniature male, Born Jan 26,1999
owner, Nancy Palauskas, USA
Result: (B)
sire: Ch Stonewood Romanoff
dam: Ch Songbird Silhouette TP, prcd-A

South Paws' Elegant Doll by Abbey, Am.Ch. Black, miniature, female, Born July 25, 2001
Breeder/owner Cheryl Wyatt,USA.
result (B)

South Paws' Kimoke Fashion Plate, Black, miniature, female, Born Jan. 5, 1997,
Breeder/owner Cheryl Wyatt, USA
Result (B)

Sun-Bounty Black Lord Luckey D´Amay DKK02547/2005, blk.dw.male, born 05febr05

Owner: Mitza Eshington, Denmark

Result (B) ( 07-4335)

sire: Toy Gambler Thierry d´Amay (B)

dam: Black: Xelyn des Supers-Supers (A)

Sun-Bounty Nice Brown Claude, DKK20710/2002, brn. dwarf male, born 10dec00

Owner: Mitza Eshington, Denmark

Result (B)

sire: After Heirom´s Mini Man

dam: Naughty, ERG test France

Sun-Bounty Sweet Brown Diana, DKK12362/2003, brn.toy female, born 29june03

Owner: Mitza Eshington, Denmark

Result (B)

sire: After Heirom´s Mini Man

dam: Naughty, ERG test France

Sunni-Ike Love´n Kisses S24033/2003, blk.dw.female, Born February 23, 2003
Owner: Annika Gustavsson, Sweden
Result (B) 03-3904
sire: Multi.Ch. Staedlines Catch the Moon
dam: VeuveCliquot der Schwarze Quirl

Sweet Kimmy Kiss von Ziethnereck, brn.toy.female, born 29. Mai 2003

Owner: Carmen Köhler, Austria

Result (B) ( 07-1902 )

sire: Ferda Zamek

dam: Wild angelface von Ziethnereck

Teenage Super Computer, S25140/01, blk.dw.male, born Marc 12. 2001,
Owner:Yvonne & Göran Andersson, Sweden
Result (B) (04-3376)
sire: Ch.Magicstar Orly Puymeras
dam: Teenage Liza Minelli

Thunderwhip´s Obsession S46627/2003 Brown dwarf female born 2003-05-13
Owner: Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Result (B)

Toyway New Dimension, FIN34386/00, Black. toy female, born 2000
Owner: Virve Tajakka, Finland
Result (B)
sire: Toyway Buy Finnish
dam: Toyway Oh My Goodness

Toyway Oh My Goodness, FIN39619/97. Black dwarf female, born October 09, 1997
Owner: Saila Vaittinen, Finland
Result: (B)
Sire: Toyway The Wild Thing SF15397/93
Dam: Toyway Tricky Heart SF42048/92

Treasure-Trove's Magic Colours, black toy poodle, female, born 15 march 2004
owner: Nicole te Boekhorst, Holland
Result: (B) 06-164
Sire: Treasure-Trove's True Romance (prcd-A)

Trollvikens Svarta Sofia S33818/2001, ? toy female, Date of Birth: April 15, 2001
Owner: Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Result (B) Optigen Accession #: 04-2568
sire: Trollvikens Calypso
dam: Trollvikens Brown Petronella

Trucker's Extreme FIN26015/01 apricot dwarf male, born 15.4.2001
owners: Joona, Tuuli & Heini Toivanen, Finland
result: (B)
sire: Dundelion Carlos Sainz SF411114/91
dam: Backseat Driver's Vicky Lee FIN28990/96

Tuttleebees Witch Dancer, black toy female, born 2000-09-23
Owner: Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Result: (B)
sire: Tirkane The Witch Doctor
dam: Tuttlebees Special Offer

Urbaana Brown Princess des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, brn.toy.female, born Nov. 3. 2003
owner: Nicolas Serac, Switzerland
Result (B)
sire: Picadilly's Brown Teddy Bear
dam: O'Brown Princess del Rey Rakashi (prcd-A)

Ushane Brown Princess des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, brn.dw.female, born Nov. 3. 2003
owner: Nicolas Serac, Switzerland
Result (B)
sire: Pickadilly's Brown Teddy Bear
dam: O'Brown Princess del Rey Rakashi (prcd-A)

Very Sweet Timberly of Lovely Children, ?.?.?. born Nov. 16. 2002
owner: Nicolas Serac, Switzerland
Result (B)
sire: Cracker Jack von Ziethnereck
dam: Carmen's Unlimited Love von Ziethnereck

Vulcain Black Prince des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, blk.dw.male, born Nov. 3. 2004
owner: Nicolas Serac, Switzerland
result: (B)
sire: Jo Jo v Gurtengaten
dam: Thelma Black Princess des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre (prcd-A)

Vick Fabien de Jye, blk.dw.toy, born Febr. 23. 2004
owner: Nicolas Serac, Switzerland
Result (B)
sire: Evermint's Look Whos Talking
dam: Soraya des Heches de L'ic

Wafaa des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, brown toy female, born Nov. 3. 2005
Owner: Nicolas Serac, Switzerland
Result: Optigen B
Sire: Sem'antique Brown Prince des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre brown dwarf Optigen A
Dam: Uhsane Brown Princess des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre Brown Dwarf Optigen B

Wilhen Ovation For Romar, AD02931703, ? toy female, born 18. June, 2003
Owner: Michelle du Plessis, Ireland
Result: (B) 05-4234
sire: Ir.Ch. Romar Heir Apparant, prcd-A
dam: Wilhen Chocolate Bok's, prcd-B

Wilhen Rocket Man, Ir. Ch. blk.toy male, born July 23. 2000
Owner: Michelle du Plessis, Ireland
Result: (B) 05-4371
sire: Ir. Ch. Tirkane Midnight Master, prcd-B
dam: Tirkane Fireworks

Yamba Lea von Ziethnereck, VDH/DPZ 160236, colour? toy female, born July 7. 2001
Owner: Carmen Köhler, Germany
Result: Genotype of the dog is Carrier (06-6824)
Sire: Ferda Zamek
Dam: Black Romance von Ziethnereck

Yerbrier Ctyber Chat, white toy female Born June 9, 2004
former owner: Betty Yerington
Result: (B)
Sire: Ch. Yerbrier Squeeze Play
Dam: Yerbrier Diamond Legacy

Zamora's Country Rock White toy male
Owned by Gail A. Bjorge, USA
Result: 02-790 (B)
sire: Gold Star's Moonrock
dam: Zamora's Lisa Lady Love

Zubenkos Diamond-Dust, apricot dwarf male, b. 9 july 2004,
owner Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Result (B)
sire: Will-O'-the-Wisp at Feeorin (prcd A)
dam: Perias Georgeous Frida

Zyan's Designed By Jasu Am.Ch. PP666839/01, Browm toy male, dob 05/13/01
breeders Sue-Ellyn & Jacob Rempel and Nadeen S. Pickard
owner Bonnie L. Hale
Result (B)
sire: Jasu's Life's Like That CKC JQ618965
dam: Can. CH.Delkry's Hare Razen Lil Devil CKC HG538300