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DNA test for RCD-4.   Resultat bærer   (carrier).

Her kommer info fra de som sender resultat av testen de har tatt på sin puddel. For de det er aktuelt for, be eier av hunden om kopi av testen.

If you have a rcd4  -B  (carrier) tested poodle and want to join, it is free, please mail me:  with a picture of the original letter from Optigen/Laboklin.
I need the poodles name, colour, size, sex, year born, (the parent's name) and the owners mail or phone.
Please try to write the results to me in the same pattern as shown in the resultpage. It saves me a lot of rewriting :)
Do you want to read about the test ? Go to:

To get copy of Certificate of the rcd4 test, please contact owner.
Site updated 04/04/2020 Following 8 poodles ( 1 new) are prcd rcd4-tested, result B, rcd-4 carrier.

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Crusea's Mystic Madam S38280/2006 si.min female, rcd-4 carrier, Annette Sandberg, Sweden

Crusea's Timmy Titbit  SE21289/2011. si min male, rcd-4carrier, Annette Sandberg, Sweden

Crusea's Knock Off S59917/2005. si. dwarf, crcd-4 carrier, Annette Sandberg, Sweden

Crusea's Silver Saffet  SE19660/2010. si dwarf, rcd-4 carrier, Annette Sandberg, Sweden

Crusea's Xera SE49589/2014. si dwarf, rcd-4 carrier, Annette Sandberg, Sweden

Crusea's Angel Bossie SE26958/2017. si.dwarf, rcd-4 carrier  Ulrika Wahlström , Sweden

Nuka Vom Reitenden Roland si dw male rcd-4 carrier SE41682/2010 Tina Luthström SW 

Sweet Stuff Grey Pärla  SE12853/2014, si dwarf female,  rcd-4 carrier, Anette Albinsson Andersson SW

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