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DNA test for RCD-4.   Clear-  Resultat fri.

Her kommer info fra de som sender resultat av testen de har tatt på sin puddel. For de det er aktuelt for, be eier av hunden om kopi av testen. 

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If you have a rcd4-clear  ( A, normal ) tested poodle and want to join, it is free, please mail me:   With a picture of the original answer from Optigen/Laboklin.
I need the poodles name, colour, size, sex, year born, (the parent's name) and the owners mail or phone.
Please try to write the results to me in the same pattern as shown in the resultpage. It saves me a lot of rewriting :)
Do you want to read about the test ? Go to:

To get copy of Certificate of the rcd4 test, please contact owner.
Site updated 07/03/2018 Following 30 poodles ( 1 new) are prcd rcd4-tested, result clear, or have rcd-4 clear parents..listed as: (rcd-4 clear parents) 

RCD-4 Clear Poodles  

Attribute Le Petit Chasseur  SE 12004/2016 wh dw male, rcd-clear, Cecilia Ôgren. SW

Bazaar's Coffee Toffee   NO37521/14,  brn min female, rcd-4 clear,  Anne Myhrbråten, NO

Bazaar's Ladybug   NO38434/12,  brn min female, rcd-4 clear, Anne Myhrbråten, NO

Bazaar's Queen Bee   NO42089/15,  blk min female, rcd-4 clear, Anne Myhrbråten, NO

Bazaar's Tantalized   NO35231/14,  blk min female, rcd-4 clear, Anne Myhrbråten,  NO

Carnival's Copyright  NO40878/10  wh dw male, rcd-4 clear ,  Kristin Røhne, NO

Chapford Cash Ina Flash S569997/2007 si dw male rcd-4 clear,  Anette Johansson, SW

Crispanti Absolut Nice And Noble NO54369/15   blk min female, rcd-4 Clear, Berit Nordskog NO 

Colorline Jesse James FI145169/17  si min male  rcd-4 clear , Maria Martikainen. FI  

Crusea's Majestic Mister S38279/2006 si min male ,  rcd-4 clear,  Annette Sandberg, SW

Kameo Sunny Day SESE18707/2016 ai min male, rcd-4 Clear, Annika Kronborg SW

Lara Nigromanta Z Koloru  DK18226/2012, blk dw. female, rcd-4 clear, Rune Halseth, NO

Lenholl Dark Secret  RKF3180004 blk min male. rcd-4 clear, Anne Myhrbråten, NO

Micane's Catching A Dream   NO35292/11  blk min female, rcd-4 clear, Martina Pallokat, NO

Mon Charme Diamant Noir   RKF3200213   blk min male, rcd-4 clear, Anne Myhrbråten, NO

Now I'm Bazaar Starring Moravia  CMKU/P/1847114 , blk min male, rcd4-clear, Anne Myhrbråten, NO

Ravruska's Little Wonder NO33348/16 si dw female,  rcd-4 clear,   Anne Grete Thy ,NO

Sarsaparillan Storm Warning SE40573/2012, blk min male, rcd-4 clear, Malin Hult, SW

Se Upp Allt Som Allt  SE48097/2011,  blk min female, rcd-4 clear, Malin Hult, SW

Se Upp Meningen Med Livet,  blk min female, rcd-4 clear, Malin Hult, SW

Sejcon Grey Victoria S61648/2007, si dw female rcd-4 clear,  Marika Ponten f. Fernström, SW

Silminsky Silver Bawbee  , si min female, rcd-4 clear, Irene Sykes, USA

Silver Joker Roy Rocky   MEOE 1773/08  si. dw.  male rcd-4 clear,  Bjørg Meland, NO

Silver Victori A Window Opens  SE54419/2013  si toy female,  rcd-4 clear, Marika Ponten f. Fernström, SW

Silver Victori Cozy Boy SE19463/2011, si dw male, rcd-4 clear, Marika Ponten f. Fernström, SW

Silver Victori Greyzy  SE26814/2024 si dw female  rcd-4 clear Marika Ponten F. Fernström SW

Silver Victori Impressive   SE49779/2016   si dw female, rcd-4 Clear, Marika Pontèn f. Fernström, SW

Silver Viktori Keep Going SE14079/18      si toy male, rcd-4 clrar  Marika Ponten f. Fernström SW

Sweet Stuff Silver Rosmarin  SE13171/2017  si dw female , rcd-4 clear , Anette Albinsson Andersson, SW

Sweet Stuff White Fever Of Love   SE42259/2016    wh  dw female, rcd-4 clear Anette Albinsson Andersson SW

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