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I'm Proud to present PoodleInfo site to you.

It started in 1998 with pedigree work together with a good friend of me, Linda Gravesen from Denmark. And it all started with silver males available. At that time we made A-4 copies and sent to all who would love to have it. In 2000 I started PoodleInfo and Lilleba's Silver Poodles on Internet, and everything went smoothly for many, many years. But in 2014 the site went down because of hackers.. I lost absolutely everything built up in all these years.

This Autumn 2015 I started fresh with a new webhost, a fantastic one, called PROISP their support is unique. But the program I have used there gives me pain in the neck..  that is not a PROISP program, but from another provider. Last time I upgraded to a newer version, everything went wrong, but after many tries PROISP helped me to get the original up and go again.  In the meantime I have worked with a simlar site, and will continue to  work there also: You find it HERE.. The two sites will have similar contents.    Have fun !

10. March 2016 is working again :) 

August 2018, I left the program I have used, and got a New sitebuilder from PROISP, and this is the best I have used, Thanks to PROISP and their wonderful support.