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If you have a prcd-PRA-C tested poodle and want to join,it is free, please mail me:

I need the poodles name, colour,size,sex, year born, the parent's name and the owners mail or phone.
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Please note following about A- B and C-tested poodles

Following 19 dogs are prcd PRA-tested, result C
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From: Mildred Bartlett, USA

Dear fellow breeders,
Like most breeders of Miniature Poodles, I waited impatiently for a test that would
give us some help in breeding dogs that would be free from PRA. One of the most
important things that a test needed to do was to give us the possibility of using
carriers, or even dogs that might be affected, in a carefully thought out breeding
program. It just seemed vital that we not be forced to give up valuable breeding stock
from lack of knowledge.

Now thanks to Optigen we finally have a test available and it is up to all of us to make
the most use of it. I know that the test seems to be just one more expense on top of
everything else we have invested in our litters, but compared to the price of one
puppy or one stud fee, the price is do-able.

The next thing that needs to be done is to make available to other breeders the
results of those tests. Of course, it’s very rewarding to list our ”A” dogs, and it’s
much harder to list the “B’s” and “C’s”. However, we all need to know about them
too. The important thing is to be able to use those dogs wisely. They do not need to be

My first, and only, PRA dog came as a terrible shock. We all think that it just can’t happen.
I was in tears, scared,disappointed and frustrated. Like others in the same situation, I was tempted to quit breeding. Then I got stubborn. I started by studying the “the enemy (PRA)”. My “war” plan included a lot of reading, pedigree research, and using a very talented and caring Ophthalmologist. I did ERG’s on all puppies in my litters (not just the show puppies). I did yearly eye checks, of course. Kept records, and prayed (a lot). Then when I had a chance I sent blood from my afflicted bitch to Cornell University for their PRA research.

With the advent of Optigen’s prcdPRA test, I did three things. First I sent a form to Cornell to see if the bitch I submitted blood from had the prcd form of PRA. She in fact did, and I began testing my “family” of dogs. The results for dogs tested (all the key dogs), gave me 9 “A’s” and 1“B” (one of my “A” bitches bred to a “B” dog). I also took the next step of listing my dogs on the only public list that was then available (

Would I attempt to breed past PRA again? I don’t know, I’m getting a little old for that much worry, but now with testing and yes, a lot of luck too, IT CAN BE DONE !!!

So here’s what I started with:

Maestoso’s Look Me Over, “C” , blk.min.female
( May 14 1989-May 23, 2001)
Sire: Ch. Shamrock”s Alastair
Dam: Ch. Cherwilene Hillary

Please note: her parents' eye checks have always been normal.
While we must continue to CERF our dogs, since there are many other things to be checked
for, the DNA test is a great leap forward.

Brittanique Cal Caleche black toy female, born 31. October 1995
owner: Joan Nutt, Australia
Result: (C) Optigen test 15/10/02
Sire: Aust Ch Brumina Magna Carter
Dam: Zorretta Royal Daulton
Chezjolie Hell Im Hot. black toy male. dob; 10/12/2000
owner: Mrs. Joan Nutt, Autralia
result: (C)
sire; Aust. Ch Chezjolie Piping Hot.
dam; Chezjolie Take A Look.

Executive Dimension FIN11264/96, Int, Fin, Swe, Est Ch, black dwarf female, born: November 26, 1995
Owner: Minna Kari, Finland
Result: (C)
Sire: Ch. Toyway The Wild Thing SF15397/93
Dam: Ch. Haydee’s Saphireandsteel SF24562/89

Flairbeck Catch Me If You Can PR028324/01, black toy female, born 6. December 2002
owners: Lisa Croft-Elliott & Hilayne E Cavanaugh & Michael Rollo
Result: (C)
Sire: Ch. Clopton Night at the Ballet
Dam: Flairbeck Wanna Be a Star

Hallaby Bronze Ember. brown toy female. dob; 14/11/02
owner: Joan Nutt, Australia
Result: (C)
sire; NZ, Aust. Ch. Tamoretta Simsala Bim. (imp UK)
dam; Moncherrie Kiss N Tell

Ch. Hallaby Hellava Choice, Ch. Black toy female, born 31/8/1997
Owner: B & D Foster, Australia
Result: (C) Tested 25/02/03
Sire: Ch/NZ Ch Tamoretta Simsala Bim (Imp UK) (C)
Dam: Brittanique Cal Caleche (C)

Hallaby High N Mighty NZ Ch. black toy male, born 14. August 1998
owner: Joan Nutt, Australia
Result: (C) Optigen test 13/03/03
Sire: Aust NZ Ch Tamoretta Simsala Bim (Imp UK)
Dam: Brittanique Cal Caleche.

Joshua Top Narcis Slv ch Czeck Ch. (Imp Cz ), black toy male, born 31. October 1999
owner: Joan Nutt, Australia
Result: (C) Optigen test 13/03/03
Sire: Czeck Ch Black Lucien Narcis(Cz Republic )
Dam: Coco Chanel Top Narcis (Cz Republic)

Little Sweet Loretta von Ziethnereck, brn.toy.female, born Oct 28-96
owner: Carmen Köhler, Germany
Result: Genotyp-C

Nurmah Dont You Dare, MKC TP/03/2005 (Sam), blk.miniature male, born Apr. 7. 2005
owner: Carmen Köhler, Germany
result: Genotype of the dog is Affected (06-6819)
sire: Adean Double Dare (B)
dam: Nurmah Tiffany for Man

Oh Baby Doll vom Rodauer Forst,brn.dw.female, born Mar 2-99 (04-4262)
owner: Carmen Köhler, Germany
Result: Genotyp-C
Sire: Little Jo vom Rodauer Forst
Dam: Rouanne Du Clan Dammartin

Osmanthus Tresor-N black toy male, born June 13, 2002
Owner: Nicole te Boekhorst, Holland
Result: (C)
Sire: Haggai Sleep to Dream (tested prcd B)
Dam: Osmanthus La Perla

Pandorans Golden Gigolo FIN45363/03, apricot dwarf poodle male, born 24.1.2003
Owner: Saara Kumpulainen, Finland
Result: (C)
Sire: Solnes Hip-Hop Dancer S54663/2001
Dam: Thomsten's Little Orange Rhapsody S27082/97

Pandorans Playing with Fire apricot toy male, born 2003
Owner Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Result: (C)
Sire: Ch Solnes Hip Hop Dancer
Dam: Thomsten's Little Orange Rhapsody

Robruden Hellava Nutt, Ch. brown toy male, born 10/03/01
Owner: B & D Foster, Australia
Result: (C) Tested 25/02/03
Sire: Ch/NZ Ch Tamoretta Simsala Bim (Imp UK) (C)
Dam: Ch. Hallaby Hellava Choice (C)

Sandust Devils Prototype s56186/2001, blk.min.male, born ?
Owner: Åsa Johansson, Sweden
Result: (C)
Sire: S.Ch. Eldash Unic In Ewery Way s51127/93
Dam: Nord. Ch. A'monibe's all about Angels s19384/98

Setany-Szepe Blanche Lumiere Desy 5430/01,Imp. Hungaria, ?.toy, female, born 21/5/2001
Owner: Mrs.Z.Prusa-Australia
Result: (C)
Sire: Hun.Ch.Silver star White Berry METU 4180/93
Dam: Setany-Szepe Gitta METU790/99

Tamoretta Simsala Bim Aust NZ Champ (Imp UK), brown toy male, born 19.April, 1996
Owner: Joan Nutt, Australia
Result: (C) Optigen test 15/10/02
Sire: Eng Ch Tirkane The Witch Doctor(UK)
Dam: Grayco Going Nuts For Tamoretta (UK)



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