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   Updated 01-12-23 New blk standard

Silver Standard

Banialuka Ulminesco , 2019  Poland 

Kbri Pinafore Achievement Hunter   2019 USA

CNC's Tyler Von Seidenstein    2015 Switzerland

Friesian's Mystic Morgan   2016    Germany

Armando My Waimea    2016   Israel

Atami Manowar   2019 Germany

Friesian's Ozzy Osbourne    2019   Germany

Delovely's Leonardo   2014    Czech Republic

A Swarovski sparkling dance de Olimpus red   2021   France

Adventure von der Moosleiten     2020    Austria

Thorin Fortem Corona Regni    2016    Italy

Silas Still Seraphis von Seidenstein  2018    Schweitz

Glamour Boy vom strahlenden Sternchen   2011  Germany

Ring Ring In Omnia Paratus   2022   Croatia 


Silver Medium

Dorian Gray's Eldred    2018   Germany

My Sun's Final Countdown    2021    FB  Scwitzerland

Olymbinar's Commodore   2022   FB    Czech Republic

Fleury Sangathan Bad&Boujee Paradise     2021   Poland 

Yamit Muskat Korea Kassel  2019  Chez Republic Link 


Silver Miniature

SAMAEL The Spirit of Silverhill     2019     Poland

WILLIAM Magical Obsession  2021    Poland

Bonoks Etual Antony     2021   Lithuania

Happy Little Bear Saad  2022 Cyprus  




Silver Toy

Dorian Gray's Presley  2020    Germany

Aristo Line Breaking Bad   2021   Ukraine 



Apricot Standard

Suvenir de Luks Infant  2016  Germany

Olino Ottavo aus dem Tabakstädtchen  2017   Germany

Piccadilly's The Heartbreaker   2017   Germany

Bacardi Iz Volzhskoy Serenady   2021  Portugal 

Dragonlord's Amaretto  2018 Germany 

Ignatsiy Ruski from Constellation Lion    2020   Slovenia


Pascal von der Vogelar    2018   Germany

MAHON Morelowa Radosc   2013   Poland

Adventure von der Moosleiten    2020    Austria

Dutch Pearls that's a Fact  2011  Home  Netherlands

Enif Edward Star of Seven Hills     2018   Germany 

Samson iz Volzhskoy Serenady    2017   Germany


Acer Wood Prinz vom Falbenhof    2017   Germany

Suvenir De Luks Cheroki     2018     Slovenia

New York from Olionshouse    Belgia  FB  

Proud Peppino of Vienna Highlights  2018  Austria  FB


Poodle Majesty's The Flash  2022   Germany

Jiraiya Fleur de Cérise 2015  Germany 



Apricot Medium

Isildur Esculap Surprime  2016   Germany

Lord Tanus Teschiro     2016   Czech Republic

Teddy Star Baron Beaufort    2017   Germany


Apricot Miniature

Lemon Pie iz Volzhskoy Serenady   2019   Switzerland

Elen Elf Manifesto   2022  Germany 


Apricot Toy



Red Standard

The Magic King from Olionshouse 2020 Germany

BRUNO Mon Salai   2018   Finland

Poodle Majesty's JOHN MAYALL   2019  Poland  

MORGAN Morelowa Radosc  2013  Poland

Rong Red of The Orchids House  2018   Belgium

Nolan Kingdom Of Red Elegance   2017   France

N'Arsene Kingdom of Red Elegance   2017

Izei de Gazalbide   2019     Spain

Araeahs Red Raymond going to Austria   2021   Austria

Russian Pearl Be Aflame Scott   2017   Germany

BRUNO Mon Salai    2018   Finland

Hippie Rasmus Omne Trinum Perfectum   2016   Switzerland


Huno de Gazalbide   2019    Slovakia

Baro D Artagnan De La Bonne Annee    2016  Germany 

Colorful Choice On Nijais Cover     2013   Germany

Marvellous shades Bazil    2019   Hungary




Red Medium


Red Miniature

Kudryavyi Gnom Puppy Love   2019   Switzerland

D'Franz Joseph I Iz Volzhskoy Serenady   2021  Germany

Airi Arabeska Ragnar   2018   Germany

Fidelius of Fauntleroy    2011   Germany

Solnes Rose Chippendale , 2021  Serbia 


Red Toy



Black Standard

Crystalton Tees Me HRH Aviator  2016  Canada

Jareck vom Bornumer Wald  2018 Germany

Theory Imagination   2019   USA

Antigua Xscape To Mount Zion   2019 USA

Boreas of New Time Dogs   2018   Germany

Chicavallo After Midnight    2020   Hungary 

Carneol from Romeo's Royal County    2020   Germany 

Blissed Out Firestorm in my Heart    2020    Also here   Denmark

Volgarus Timeout   2017    Germany

Volgarus Heartbeat   2017    Austria

Black Mister Jeffrey vom Interkosmos     2016   Switzerland

Brennero's Clooney The One And Only     2016   Germany

Brennero's Duke a black beauty     2020   Germany

Romeo Patt' Apoil Royal     2014     Germany

Alfred od Kolodejskeho Zamku    2016   Germany

GOGO UNSTOPPABLE DYNAMITE Aurinova   2021    Poland

Cosmo-Franz-Josef vom Castilienberg    2015    Germany

Dhimay of New Time Dogs     2021    Germany

Ennio Etienne of Kings and Queens Forever   2020   Germany

Evolution Of Stars Best Of Intensions    2015    Germany

French Fashion Star Passeur de rêves    2019    France

Gazalbide K-Urki     2020    Spain

Malice Mizer Chicavallo    2021  Hungary

Roadrunner Lui Pajans Auenpudel   2020   Switzerland

Samba Pa Ti Harley jr     2016   Germany

Emetto Nontiscordardime    2013    Czech Republic

Arne vom Distelmeer    2021   Germany

Barbaranti's Next American Idol    2018    Hungary

Chicavallo Dark Horse    2021   Hungary 

Chicavallo Empire of Euphoria   2022   Hungary

Explore The World Vanduo    2020   Lithuania

Sanvar's Black Gentleman To Papillon  Germany

Anubis Of Berry Avenue   2023   Germany

Diolinoir Terra Montosa    2021   Germany 



Black Medium

Rosteco Hello How Are You  2018  Serbia

Estiq Ender Banzette   2020   Slovakia

Anita's Enzo   2015   Germany

Lenholl Dylan   2017    Germany

Brilliant Design Best Runner    2021   Germany

Carlo Cosimo of Kings and Queens Forever   2019   Germany

Camillo von Rosi's White Snowstars  2018   Germany

To be or not to be le Papillon    2016    Germany

UFO Lino von der Hutzelschweiz     2022   Germany



Black Miniature

Merino's Favorite Cordillo      2017    Switzerland

Carl Casimir of Kings and Queens Forever     2019   Germany

Tamjou's Imagine von Green Mountain   2020  Switzerland

Merino's Favriote Xtra Secret     Germany

Gauner vom kleinen Schlossgarten   2013    Switzerland

 Jullien Earl's Legend    2020    Slovakia 

Glamour Arlequin de la Cœur    2021   Switzerland


Black Toy



Brown Standard

Maio Shan's Garry   2017   Germany

Russian Pearl About You Theodore  2017 Germany

Attila Abiocore Choco Marrone D'oro   2018     Hungary

Takos Best Brown Toples    2017   Germany

La Stella d'Argento Atreyu    2020   Germany

Cattani brown Laronna     2021   Czech Republic

Urban Art Maverick    2020    Germany

Jacom Ave Meeganius    2015    Germany


Samarcanda Casanova  Hungary 


Brown Medium

ALEX BROWN Cahaya     2018    Poland


Brown Miniature

Little Oscar von Thales      2019    Germany


Brown Toy 



White Standard

Beloved Bosco the Queen of the Jungle   2019   Czech Republic

Samarcanda Highlander Laird   2015  Germany

Gift from Santa Veseliy Hvostik   2021   Ukraine 

Samarcanda Stolen Secret   2019   Hungary

Selfie Nick Of Time   2020    Spain 

PinQerton Karat Timeless    2016    Netherlands

Vespertine Walk This Way   2021  Spain

Vespertine Dark Shine    2020   Spain

Pandorica Across the Galaxy   2019 Germany

Flynn hot to handle von Grossemeida   2017   Netherlands

Elnin'o the Spirit of Aratanka   2016   Germany

Barbone Gigante Federico Fellini    2016    Germany

Aris one from the Heart     2018     Germany

Colorado Otto from Romeo's Royal County      2020   Germany

Keomaki Abracadabra    2015    Serbia

Pinqerton Sir Lancelot Furore  2011   Netherlands

Anakin Of Royal Virginity   2016   Germany 

Leggero Danzatori Zonzo   2021    Slovenia

Pinqerton Jules c'est Suprême   2007 Netherlands

Kaylen's the secret is out    2020   Serbia  FB 

Dallas de gun dor with Niaveera    2021   Spain 

Jasenak Famous Name 2016 SERBIA FB Photo in pedigree 

Leggero Danzatori Zonzo  2021    Slovenia


White Medium

Etienne Enzo Coeur De Moravie  2015  Czech Republic

Czeppel vom Zunderborn   2015   Germany

Moutari Willy Winzig     2019     Germany

Blizzard von den Weinbergswölfen     2018  Switzerland

Berg & Blånes Hummingbird   2017    Germany

Ravissant Gentle Touch   2014   (Russian Federation) Germany

Caesar Oh My Poodle   2021    Poland

 Albert Einstein von den Weinbergswölfen  2017  Germany 



White Miniature

Alto Standard di Stile Veseliy Hvostik  2019   Ukraine 

Prince Join The World White Syringa   2019   Germany

Samira La petite beauté    2021   Germany

Momo    2015   Germany

Aurelio amato dal nido di bascha   2019     Germany


White Toy









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