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Updated 29-06-2024,  

New black toy

62  males born in 2013 are removed. See links to PPDB for males listed here , (Alle her har nå fått linker med stamtavle i PPDB.)


Jeg vet hvor vanskelig det kan være å finne en egnet avlspartner, og håper denne siden kan være nyttig.

Poodles from NorwaySweden and Finland have open databases where you can find health info.

Husk: Helsestatus skal være sjekket, både hos egen hund og avlspartner. Puddelklubbens avlskrav finner du HER   New dogs will from october 2023 be listed at the bottom of their color, instead of alphabetic order.

376 Poodle males with pedigrees. 


Apricot Standards **

Bach Lærkegård Kandju Kojo 2014 NO FB

Gullpuddelen's Edisto Castor Dexter 2015 NO FB  Foto NPK

Amazing Gold Dreams Lombardia  2022  NO   FB   

Heartbeat of Joy Legolas   2022   NO   FB


Apriot Miniatures (medium)**

Dreams In Red Yes Of Course SW 2016 (A)    FB  Foto på FB

Finic Honey Rose 2015 SW (A) FB 

Greyfun's You're My Heartbreaker 2016 FI   (A)   HP    FB  

King-Tjabo 2014 NO (A)    FB       

Of Hannelhill Lasse Lucidor 2014 FIN   (A)   FB      

Of Hannelhill Merrick 2021 FIN (A)   FB      

Tixobambixo's Khamfer Of El-Zans 2017 NO    (A)    FB    HP      

Tixobambixo's Nirius Of Est-nor-fin 2015 NO (A)      FB   HP    

Tixobambixo's XX Of Mer-Helm 2022 NO (A)   FB      Foto    



Apricot Dwarfs (miniature)**

Aconite Golden Sir Windsor 2014 DK     (A)         FB    

Charmant Chic's Golden Limbo 2016 NO (A)    FB    HP      

Rukses Ruvsu Mu Nivzana 2019 NO     (A)     FB     Photo FB  

Solnechnyi Lev Provence 2020 NO (A)           

Solnes Golden Delight 2014 NO (A)     FB    Photo FB  

Tixobambixo's Helmer Of Ther-Lia 2020 NO (A)   FB     Picture FB

Delta Blue The Edge Of Glory  2021  SW   FB   

Saint Tropez Of Vilma Black Swan    2023 SW   FB     NEW !  04-06-24




Apricot Toys**

Merubas Born To Be Happy 2015 NO (A)    FB    

Merubas Sunshine Of My Life 2015 NO     (A)  

Sunny Love Fahrenheit 2014 SW (A)   FB     Photo FB


Sweet Teddy Bear Mon L'Ami   2020 NO   FB   





Red Standards**

Emil Omne Trinum Perfectum 2014 FI FB  

Idamelaldilus Farrokh 2021 SW (A) FB  Photo FB 

Leon 2019 NO      FB     Foto NPK

N'Arsène Kingdom Of Red Elegance 2017 NO   FB      

N'Chez Kingdom of Red Elegance 2017 NO      FB   

Obladis Prince of Water 2019 SW    FB    Photo FB

Pappiedax Important Imbros 2015 SW (A) SW     FB    

Simon Morleowa Radosc 2016 NO   FB    Photo NPK

Foster's Yummy Gino   2018    SW   FB 

Golden Curly Dream Bentley  2022 DK    FB  NEW ! 24-01-24 



Red Miniatures (medium)**

Add Jaden Marjanco 2916      FB  

Dreams In Red I'm Sweet As Suger 2020 SW      FB       

Engine Xander 2021 SW   rcd-4 normal     FB    

Obladis Sweet Werthers 2019    FB    Photo FB

Vitterklippens Oz 2018 SW     FB   

Engine Xander 2021 SW    FB   

Tixobambixo's Gordan Of Casa-Uriel 2017 NO    FB  Photo FB

Zaher's Hoffnung Eddie 2018 SW        FB 

Wave Of Happiness Koh-Tao   2021    SW   FB   NEW !  07-02-24  


Red Dwarfs (miniature)**

A'Liewehrs Alfred 2020 SW (A) breeder on FB    

A'Liewehrs Lukas 2021 SW (A) FB     Foto FB      

Bitting Prince Simba 2022 SW (A)    FB      Photo FB  

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Say You Love Me 2019 SW (A)   FB     Photo FB

Gold Leis Rubin 2021 SW   (A)    FB     Photo FB

Haldde Borealis Peace On Earth 2022 NO (A)      FB      Photo FB   

Haldde Borealis Perfect Red Match 2021   (A)     FB    Photo FB

Heavenly Beauty Trick Or Treat 2018 SW   (A)   FB     

Hestebakkens Orange Unik 2019 DK (A)   FB   Photo FB

Lambington's Prince Alladin 2017 SW (A)    FB      Photo FB

Orange Kingdom Dream Of Bibilotts 2017 DK (A)   FB    Photo FB

Quicks Meadows Hugo Boss 2018 SW (A) FB   

Red Rose Marius 2015 DK (A)     FB    

Sedrik II Ze Zlulté Mimozy , 2016 SW    (A)  FB     Photo FB

Timmred Don Diego 2015 SW (A) FB  

Trophy's Golden Magic Toffee 2019 (A) DK    FB   

Troubletones Seasons Of Love 2015 SW (A)   FB   

Zeus From Melody-Mountains 2018 NO (A) RCD-4 Normal   FB    HP   

Salina Westen Rasmus   2019   SW   FB

Troubletones Lay Your Love On Me   2022    SW    FB  New ! 20-01-24

Leonardo of Silver Empire   2023   DK    FB    NEW ! 28-01-24

Guardian Of The Galaxy   2021  SW   FB    NEW ! 30-01-24

Jedalins My d'Artagnan  2020   SW    FB    NEW ! 31-01-24

Månstenen's Paaliaq   2019    SW    FB    NEW ! 01-02-24  


Red Toys**

Benedetto Di Capri 2014 DK    (A)    FB    Photo FB  

Morning Breeze Shine Like The Sun 2020 SW     FB  Photo FB

Remaro's Art For You NO54865/17 2017 NO (A) rcd-4 Clear  FB   

Sanremo iz Volzhskoy Serenady 2018 NO (A)   FB  

Solnes Dirty Passion 2020 DK   (A)    FB    

Sporrens Red Ace 2015 NO (A)     FB      Photo FB

Thor (DK06997/2023)   2022 DK   FB   NEW ! 24-01-24



Silver Standards**

Abroz Fairytail 2019 FI   FB     Foto-FB

Abroz Encantada 2017 NO    FB    Photo FB    

Avery My Waimea 2017 SW     FB       Photo FB 

Calie's Chrome Catch As Cat Can 2015 SW    HP     FB    

Déjà-Blu Backstage Hooligan 2019 FI   FB    Photo FB

Déjà-Blu Jitterbug O'Smart Connection 2020 FI   FB      

Håfveleds Galliano 2015 SW/FI   HP   FB  

Håfveleds Gazpon 2015 SW   HP    FB   Photo FB

Håfveleds Mordechai 2020 SW    FB    Foto FB

Kohagslyckans Vinner 2015 SW      FB     Photo FB

Oline Silver Oscar 2014 DK   HP   FB  

Samarcanda Gandalf The Gray-G 2018     FB  

Shirkus Chrome Knife Thrower 2016 NO    HP   FB Photo FB

Shirkus Chrome Ring Master 2016 NO FB 

Silver Morning Star Balls Of Fire   2021 SW  

Silverskattens Avicii 2018 SW  FB   

Silverskattens Marmor 2020 SW   FB     Photo FB     

Spero 2018 NO     FB   Photo FB

Stardesign Bright Northern Star 2017 SW     FB  Foto FB  Foto FB

Swanline's Purple Creek 2022 NO    FB   

Violets Soaked In Silver 2017 SW  FB  Photo FB

Ballou  2021   DK   

Toy-Max Athos   2018  SW   FB 





Silver Miniatures (medium)**

Aromatic Heaven On Fire 2014 FI (?)   FB     Photo FB

Charmin Grey's Averill 2014 FI (A)   HP      Foto-FB

Colorline Jesse James 2017 FI (A)  RCD-4 Clear FB Picture FB 

Crecendo's Star Of Silverlight 2016 DK (A)   rcd-4 clear   FB    Photo FB

Days Of Greys Dare Devil 2017 NO (A)  FB  Photo FB

Executive Master Plan 2015 FI (?) FB Photo in pedigree

Kameo Sunny Day 2015 SW/NO (A) RCD-4 Clear  FB  

Love for Poodles Valentino Dream 2020 DK (A)     FB   

My Sun's Shining On Mange 2014 SW ( A)    FB  

My Sun's Shining On Miro 2014 SW (A)   FB   


Olymbinar's Quentyn 2014 FI (A)   FB     Photo FB


Paradisiacal Misty Morris 2021 NO (A)      FB    Photo FB 

Pawsibility To Amaze 2014 NO (A)       FB     

Pawsibility To Amuse 2015 SW (A) RCD-4 clear     FB    Photo FB

Silver Paint's Concorde Flyer 2016 FI (A)   FB  Photo FB

Songbird Silver Splash 2014 SW (A)    FB  Photo FB

Tuohinon Charmin Grey Zach 2019 FI (A)  FB     Photo FB

Zelenas Antares 2021 FI (A)   FB      FB    Photo FB

Aurora Charms The Gambler  2020   SE   FB    NEW ! 04-06-24 





Silver Dwarfs (miniature)**

Domestic Silver Jeffersson 2018 SW (A)     FB 

Escada Seaborn Spirit 2014 NO (A)  FB  

Eugenios Sassy Pants 2021 NO (A)  FB  

Feeorin Courtin' In The Kitchen 2014 NO (A)   FB   Photo FB

Gray-Day's Feels Like Thunder 2016 SW (A)    FB  Photo FB

Hamtaro's Agent Cooper 2017 FI  ?)   FB     Poto FB 

Iconic Pulp Fiction 2017 SW (A) N/rcd4 carrier,    FB   Photo FB  

Lambington Victori Stardust 2019 SW (A) RCD-4 clear HP   FB  Photo FB

Parvus Barbababa 2014 FI (A) FB   Photo FB

Silberlöwe Diamond V Thetisz 2016 SW (B)     FB     Photo FB

Silver Victori Keep Going 2018 SW (A) RCD-4 Clear 31cm PL0/0    FB    HP   Photo FB

Silver Victori More To Give 2019 SW (A) rcd-4 clear by parents     FB   Foto FB

Sweet Stuff Silver Aiolos 2014 SW (A)   FB     Photo FB




Sweet Dreams Of Ixchel Earned It  2022  SW     FB  

Fashion Style Crazy Silver Heart  2023   SW    FB   New ! 20-01-24

Northern Grace Look Twice   2021   SW   FB    NEW !  28-01-24

White Dotts Look At Me   2021    FI    FB    New ! 28-01-2024




Silver Toys**

Frimare's Silver Oliver 2014 SW       (A)   FB    Photo FB 

Hoku The Boy From Oz 2016 SW (A)   FB   

Hopeaharjun Jiri Novotny 2015 FI (A)     FB Photo FB

Jamira's Petit Silber 2014 NO (?)    FB    Photo FB

La'biba's Silver Dream's Moment 2022 DK (A)   FB  Photo FB

Merritrix Billiam 2015 SW (A)     FB   Photo FB

Regadog's Silver Rain 2018 NO (A)   FB       Photo FB

Silver Joker Jackpot 2018 DK  (A)     FB        Foto FB




Black Standards**

Bar-None Avatar Shoot The Moon 2016 SW FB   

Blissed Out Firestorm In My Heart 2020 DK      FB    

Casbana's Heart-Cruscher 2015 NO   FB  Video FB

Catwalk Fairplay 2015 NO   FB  Photo in pedigree

Chrikjell's Never Forget To Rock 2017 SW   FB  Photo FB

Dajmens Moon Vision 2019 NO     FB      

Dajmens Neverending Story 2015 NO     FB  Photo FB

Digimon's Kryptonyte 2019 SW    FB Photo FB

Domestic Dark Don't You Dare 2014 SW      HP   FB   Photo FB

Edivette Arrown The World 2020 SW   FB     

Emaho Sagans Texas 2014 SW   FB       

Esswalds Black Joker 2020 SW   FB     Photo FB  

Hallifax Fellini 2017 SW    FB     FB      HP 

Hashtag It's Dynamite 2016 SW    FB   

Karajan OnStage NO 2016    FB      

Memories Mr Ferdinan 2014 NO   FB    Photo FB

Prato 2012 DK      FB       Foto FB

Rejoice Black On Black 2013 SW   FB    HP  

Rejoice Impossible To Forget 2016 SW     FB  Picture FB

Schpindel' Taita 2017 NO    FB      

Show Me Heaven Rock Me 2021 SW     FB    Photo FB 

Skrivarbakken's Manly Hero 2018   FB   Photo FB

Sol's Amazing Mr. Spirit 2018 NO    FB     Photo FB

Sublimbeauty Black Play With Fun 2019 SW (A)    FB   Photo FB

Volgarus Sea Shanty 2020 SW   FB   

Vätten's Flash In The Night 2013 DK   FB     

Vätten's Mid'night 2013 DK      FB   HP   Photo FB

Vättens Night Raider 2013 SW   HP   

Wirothi's First Level 2015 NO   FB   


Dajmens Strike Force Hero  2015    SW/NO     FB     NEW ! 21-01---24  all black pedigree 5 gen. 

Snatcher's Pablo Escobar 2021 NO NEW! 02-06-2024

Bentley (NO51260/21)  NO   FB    NEW!  03-06-2024 


Black Miniatures (medium)**

ABC Private Pavarotti 2016 NO (A)   FB   

Avatar The Patriot 2016 NO (B)   FB    

Avatar The Quest 2018 SW (A)      FB    Photo FB

Ballentine's Robinson 2014 NO (A)  FB    Photo FB

Cachas Cameron 2020 SW (A)     FB   Photo FB

Crusea's Your Yquem 2015 SW (A)    FB   Photo FB

Cupcakes Chic Russian Dark Truffle 2015 (A)     FB     Photo FB

Cupcakes I Love Amarone 2020 SW (A)     FB    Photo FB

Delight Expression Masquarade 2014 SW (A)    FB     Photo FB 

Despacito S Tsvetochnoi Poljany 2019 SW (A)    FB  Photo FB

Fidel Apache 2017 NO (A)    FB    Photo FB

Fidel Indie Boy 2014 SW (A)     FB    

JASENAK D'ARTAGNAN 2022 FI (A)    FB     Photo FB     

Filagon Easy To Fly 2016 FI (A)       FB     Photo FB

Magic Shamrock Romanzo Criminale-N 2014 SW (A)    FB       Photo FB

Michandy Clever Trick 2014 DK (A)      FB    HP    

Molineux Flashdance 2014 NO (A)   FB     Photo FB

Ninjia Kamui-N Deigini 2016 SW (A)     FB   Photo FB

Now I'm Bazaar Starring Moravia 2014 NO (A) RCD-4 Clear    FB   HP   Photo FB

Nubian Prince Nordic Heartbeat NO 2016 (?) NO      FB       

Olymbinar's Goleador Garboso 2015 NO (A) RCD-4 clear   FB   Photo FB

Pay Attention Starring Moravia 2015 (A) DK     FB      Photo FB

Radiance Ringmaster 2021 NO (A)   FB    Photo FB

Saxbyn's Mr Royal Rock Hit 2016 SW (A)    FB   Photo FB

Schpindel' Clos Mogador Prioat 2016 SW (A)   FB   Photo FB

Splash Paul Laurent 2020 SW 2019 (A)   FB    Video FB    Video FB

Starmist Tom Jones 2021 SW (A)    FB    Photo FB

Uskomattoman Mahtava Martti 2021 FI (?)    FB     Photo FB 

Vatnehaugens Amadeus 2020 NO (A)    FB    Photo FB

Voulez Vous Black Friday 2020 NO (A)    FB     Photo FB

Voulez Vous Mr. Topscore 2018 NO (A)   FB   Video FB

Voulez Vous Of Course 2020 NO (A)    FB    Photo FB

Charmant Chic's Special Agent    2022   SW   FB 

Skäggtorpets Hakuna Matata  2019    SW   FB   

Härbovi's Maserati   2023     SW    FB     

Curly Lion's Yoker    2016   SW    FB    

LIKELY BLACK MARTIN    2020   FI     FB     

Yantell Special Agent Tony DiNozzo    2022  NO  FB   NEW!   07-04-24 

Michandy Back in The Black   2023   NO    FB    NEW !  22-05-24


Black Dwarfs (miniature)**

Bebella's Sonata Arctic 2018 SW (A) FB    Photo FB

Black Mail's Golddigger 2017 NO (A)  FB    

Bonvivants Dumbledore 2015 DK (A)    FB    Foto FB    

Brittuvan's Timmy 2016 NO (A) Mobil: 93294946    

Cosy Curls Racing In The Street 2020 SW (A)   FB    Photo FB  

Count On Me Salara's Secret 2021 DK/SW (A)    FB    FB    FB  Photo FB

Curly Steps Shining Cruise 2016 NO (A)     FB     FB  Photo FB

Divining Rod's Highflyer 2014 FI (A)      FB   Photo FB

Despacito S Tsvetochnoi Poljany 2019 SW (A)      FB   Photo FB

Fracasse Noir Veralynn 2016 NO (A)     FB    Photo FB

Jasenak Opium Noir 2014 NO (A)    FB   

Kaiross The Perfect Match 2016 NO (A)   FB    Photo FB

Litviks Lancome 2015 FI (?)   FB    Photo FB

Lyngmoen's Fernades Quatro blk dw 2021 (A)   FB  Foto FB

Magic Shamrock Baccarat-N 2016 NO (B)     FB   Photo FB

Magic Shamrock Elysium 2014 SW (B)   FB       Photo FB

Magic Shamrock Swarovski 2016 SW (B)    FB    Photo FB

Mazzini Eroz 2019 SW (A) apr gene   FB     

Micane's Pop Up 2019 NO (A)   FB     Photo FB

Morning Breeze My Blue Tears 2020 FI (A) FB    Foto FB

Nova Black 2017 NO (A)   FB   HP  Foto NPK 

Pandorans Dirty Player 2014 SW (A)   FB   Photo FB

Pandorans Fernando Noir 2015 SW (A) FB    Photo FB

Party-Line's Sambucus Nigra 2015 SW (A)   FB    Photo FB

Pop-Up's Here He Comes 2020 SW (A) FB  Photo FB

Racketeer's Play The Magic 2014 SW (A)   FB  

Regadog's Don't Worry, Be Happy 2016 NO (B)   FB   Photo FB

Sinita's Sense Of Joy 2019 NO (A)     FB   Video FB

Sjarmtrollet's Love Of Style 2015 NO (A)  FB   HP  

Super Sonik's Simply Hot Gossip 2020 SW (A)    FB  Photo FB

Swan Sensation Dracula The Graph 2017 SW (A)    FB  Photo FB

Tripwire Liquorice Special 2014 SW (A) FB Photo FB

True-Style He's Got It 2021 SW (A)  FB      Photo FB   

Trudora's Prince Blue Blood 2018 SW (A)     FB   Photo FB

Warming Black Life Is Leif 2020 DK (A)     FB    Photo FB

Zolbiets Under The Zkylight  2021   SW   FB

Sense Of Happiness Don Pedro  2022   SW    FB   

ABC Private Alpha   2017   NO   FB   

Eyeq's James   2020    SW     FB 

Salara's Secret Kimbo Slice   2023     DK    FB    


ToBo Rizos Charlie Boy  2021   NO    FB    NEW! 07-04-2024   







Black Toys**

Arroyo Grande's Beauty Black Flash 2014 NO (A),    HP  FB  Photo FB

Bebella's Love Of Flame 2014 DK/FI (A)   FB  

Be Infocus TX Von Ziethnereck 2014 NO (A)  HP  FB  Photo HP

Caro-Line's Cracking Crèmedelacrème 2018 SW (A)  FB  Photo FB

Caro-Line's Crown Calamander 2014 NO (A) FB  Photo FB

Count On Me Salara's Secret 2021 DK (A)     FB Photo FB

Djakartas Been There Done That 2014 SW (A) FB HP  

Djakartas Catch'n Match 2017 SW (A)     FB  Photo FB

Djakartas Pure Poison 2016 SW (A) FB 

Djakartas Strutt Your Stuff 2015 SW (A)  FB  HP 

Everholms Roffe 2015 SW (A)   FB   Photo FB

Fighter Of The Year 2019 NO (A)   FB  Photo FB

Just An Illution Von Klein Nulland 2016 DK (A) HP FB  

Morgundaggar Mr. Cheerful 2020 DK (A)    FB  Photo FB

Nummenpään Dream High 2020 NO (A) FB FB  

Petmar's In Black Suite 2017 SW (A)   FB  Photo FB

Petmar's Lord Blackburn 2018 SW (A)    FB  Photo FB 

Sandust One Direction 2014 NO (A)    FB 

Sjarmtrollet's Hjerteknuser 2016 NO (A) FB  Photo FB

Sotto Voce Sweet Cranberry 2019 SW (A) FB   Video  Photo FB

Swan Sensation Afrodiziak 2016 NO (A)  FB   Photo FB

True-Style Play-With-Fire 2016 NO (A)  FB   Photo FB

Waldemarsros Touched By Bolt 2016 NO (A)   FB  Photo FB

Zolbiets Power Of Turzheze 2018 NO (B)    FB  Photo FB


Team Jamiva Twinings Pure Rooibos   2017   SW


Morning Breeze High Sierra  2018    SW     FB    NEW ! 20-01-24 


Bellino     2022    FI     FB     NEW!  29-06-24



White Standards**

Afterglow Tyrone Power 2014 NO FB   

Banelund Gangster 2015 SW FB   Photo FB

BlissedOut Follow the Hurricane  2020  FB   Photo FB

Huffish Rave Master 2016 NO FB  

Jasenak Famous Name 2016 SERBIA FB  

Memories My New Collection 2014 NO FB  Photo FB

Momabo's Secret Pearl 2022 SW FB  Foto FB    

Montravia Stop N'Stare 2015 SW FB   Photo FB

Pitfour Mikael 2015 NO FB   Photo FB

Rejoice Nature Boy 2017 SW     FB   

Samarcanda Fallen Angel 2019 SW    FB  Photo + video FB 

Toside's Not Easy To Forget Me Now 2017 SW owner in SKK  Photo FB


Vättens Shining All Over 2014 DK  FB   HP 

White Champagne Cheers For Me 2018 SW    FB  Photo FB

Kvalicimus Desmon   2021    DK    FB  

White Champagne Cheers For Me   2018   SW    FB 

Illumination Leonardo Da Vinci     2023    NO     FB    NEW ! 11-02-24 




White Miniatures (medium) **

Alegros Kind Of Magic 2014 SW  (A) FB 

Angelo Richard Sorore 2021 SW (A) FB  Photo FB

Fieldman's Marshmallow Fluff 2014 SW (A) FB Photo FB

Songbird Avalance 2015 NO (A) FB HP 

Troll Of North Gottardo 2015 SW (?) FB Photo FB

Crecendo's White Snow Ball   2022    DK    FB    NEW ! 21-01-24

Splash Appearance  2021   SW     FB    NEW !   18-06-24 



White Dwarfs  (miniature) **

Airy Arabeska Watchfire For Escort 2017 SW   FB  Photo FB

Bonjola's Phoenix 2018 SW (A)   FB 

Brei-Ca's Ice Impérial 2022 SW (A)  FB  Photo FB

Class Line E Basta 2018 DK (A) FB Photo FB

Delta Blue White Moon 2016 SW (A)  FB      Photo FB

Eyeq's Better Man 2017 SW (A) FB Photo FB

Eyeq's Masterclass 2021 SW (A) FB   Photo FB 

Medevi's White Extreme 2016 SW (A)     FB  Photo FB

Minmios Mastermind 2016 SW (A) FB   Photo FB

Notify Sugar Snap 2014 SW  Video 

Poodleidoo's Amazing Anthony SW 2014 (A)  FB  Photo FB

Russianroulette 2021 SW (?) FB  PPDB Fhoto FB

Sporrens Take That 2014 DK (A)  FB Photo FB




White Toys**

Escada Undercover NO62446/21 NO (A) FB      Photo FB

Eugenios Diamond Dog 2014 NO (?) FB   Photo FB

Eyeq's Roi Villiot Blanc 2018 SW (A)    FB     Foto PPDB

Delta Blue Lafayette Blue   2022    SW     FB   NEW! 27-02-24 



Brown Miniatures (medium) **

A'Monibe's Rome 2019 SW (A) FB 

Bazaar's Everest 2021 NO (A) FB  Photo FB

Cool Spirit's Ble Homme 2015 SW (A) FB  

Lion-Heart Starring Moravia 2014 NO (A) FB HP  Foto FB

Madam Gautier's Let The Wookie Win 2015 NO FB  HP  

Micane's Master of Puppets 2019 (A) FB  FB Photo FB

Micane's Perseverance  2022 NO  (A)   FB   

Micane's Så Fin 2020 (A) FB  PPDB Photo-FB

Micane's Utenomjordisk 2021 (A) FB  Photo FB

Molineux Temtation 2015 NO (?) FB Photo FB

Sine Cera Valentino 2021 SW (A) FB   

Sine Cera X-Ray 2016 SW (A) FB   Photo FB

Tip-Tops Heaven's On Fire 2019 SW (A)    FB   

Warming Braun Gregor 2022 SW (A) FB   Photo FB

Rosteco Vogue   2023     SW    FB     NEW!  19-06-24 





Brown Dwarfs  (miniature) **

Bet-Ca's End Of The Line 2014 NO (?)  breeder: Kari Madsen NO

Chic Charmings Fantastic Friend 2017 SW (A) FB 

Cocoa's Wishing On A Star 2018 (A) SW  FB  Photo FB

Fashion Style Mano Perfektas 2014 NO (?) FB 

Giulfo Haribo 2016 SW (A) FB  Photo FB 

Giulfo Iracondo-M 2016 NO (A) FB Photo FB

Ten-Sharp's Balotelli 2014 SW (A) FB   

ToBo Rizos Astrix 2022 NO (A) FB  

Trudora's Hathi 2015 SW (A) FB  

Team Jamiva Twinings Spicy Chai  2017 SW

ToBo Rizos Oblix (NO41242/22)  NO    FB    NEW ! 29-04-24    





Brown Toys**

Bhanyanan Dancing With The Devil 2020 DK (A) FB   Photo FB

Bonvivants Little Wonder 2016 DK (A) FB    Photo FB

Cezz's Poison Ivy 2014 DK (A) FB   

Eugenios The All Is One 2020 FB   Foto FB    

Fidel Face Of A Devil 2017 NO (A)  FB   

Giulfo Impossibile-M 2016 SW (A) FB Foto FB

Infocus Joyful Effect 2015 NO (A) FB HP Photo FB

Sammy Coffee Bean Naky 2019 (A) FB    Photo FB 

Sugarpine's Tomorrow And Forever 2016 DK (A) FB   HP   

True-Style A Piece Of Art 2021 SW (A) FB   

Wille SE19557/2019 2018 SW (A) FB 

Wirothi's Quickstep 2020 NO (A) FB Photo FB

Sjarmtrollet's Exciting News  2021   NO    FB 

Tripwire Hang Out With Me  2021  SW   FB    

Giulfo Bartolomeo     2022   SW     FB

Abc Private Amaranthus 2023   NO   FB    NEW ! 07-04-24          


Kom innom igjen senere. Takk for at du viste interesse!



For at denne siden skal være levende, trenger jeg din hjelp med oppdatering av stoff som kan være av interesse. Send meg forslag på aktuelle hanhunder og annet nyttig puddelstoff.  

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