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En ny sosial gruppe er lagt til 18. desember 2021. Den forrige var ikke brukervennlig. Du er du velkommen til å legge inn bilder og historier om dine egne pudler i gruppa, samt komme i kontakt med andre med puddel. Det er også laget en valpe side, der alle med renrasede puddelkull som innehar helsekravene kan legge inn sine kull. 


A new social platform has been added on 18 December 2021. The previous one was not user-friendly. You are welcome to post pictures and stories about your own poodles in the group.  A puppy page has also been created, where anyone with purebred poodle litters that hold the health requirements can enter their litters.  


Poodleinfo er delvis på engelsk, fordi det er mange ikke skandinavere som også er innom her. Poodleinfo is partly in English, as there also are visitors here from outside Scandinavia.





I'm Proud to present PoodleInfo site to you.

It started in 1998 with pedigree work together with a good friend of me, Linda Gravesen from Denmark. And it all started with silver males available. At that time we made A-4 copies and sent to all who would love to have it. In 2000 I started PoodleInfo and Lilleba's Silver Poodles on Internet,

and everything went smoothly for many, many years. But in 2014 the site went down because of hackers.. I lost absolutely everything built up in all these years.


This Autumn 2015 I started fresh with a new webhost, a fantastic one, called Proisp.no

their support is unique. But the program I have used there gives me pain in the neck..  that is not a PROISP program, but from another provider. Last time I upgraded to a newer version, everything went wrong, but after many tries PROISP helped me to get the original up and go again. 


10. March 2016

is working again :) 


August 2018, I left the program I have used, and got a New sitebuilder from PROISP, and this is the best I have used, Thanks to PROISP and their wonderful support. 




For at denne siden skal være levende, trenger jeg din hjelp med oppdatering av stoff som kan være av interesse. Send meg forslag på aktuelle hanhunder og annet nyttig puddelstoff.  

Send me updates of useful stuff for this site, pictures and pedigrees of your stud dog. 




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